Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore
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In this world there are many disconnects that cause chaos in our lives. This Podcast is birthed from the desire to share hope and restoration of the power of the Gospel by being transparent and open in our Biblical walk with God. Take a few moments as we navigate God’s Word and peer into other people’s testimonies and encourage each other to Connect the Gap!

We upload a new audio podcast every Thursday and a video version of it on YouTube and Rumble simultaneously. We are also on the Christian podcasting app Edifi. If you would like to give us feedback or would like to contact our ministry for any reason including prayer, visit our contact page and send us a message! We hope you are blessed by this ministry. All podcasts are a production of Connecting The Gap Ministries.

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Guest appearances.

Guest appearance with Luke Taylor on Cross References Podcast. 13 reasons for a pre-tribulation rapture. Click to listen below.

Part 1 ::[When The Rapture Comes]::
Part 2 ::[7 More Reasons]::

Connecting The Gap
Connecting The Gap

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